Big Fish Mentoring

At Big Fish Ministry we understand the value of one-on-one ministry for men who have chosen to walk away from homosexuality, SSA and sexual sin. Jesus called his disciples to be “fishers of men”. Therefore, we believe that all Christian men are called to be fishers of men. God calls us to share our testimony of how Jesus Christ saved us, in spite of our hurts, hangups and heartaches. Big Fish Ministry seeks to help men discover a life in Jesus Christ, far from the brokenness of sexual sin. Here are the mentoring opportunities we offer.

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Fishing Trips

Everything is fish themed here at Big Fish Ministry. However, the only waters we will navigate during this weekend getaway are the troubled ones of your past. A “Fishing Trip” is a 4 day, personalized, individual retreat for men seeking: inner healing prayer, mentoring for sexual brokenness and a better understanding of who God created them to be. Activities include: prayer walks, a community dinner and spiritual equipping exercises. Participants arrive on Thursday and leave on Monday. Participants receive two, free books detailing the Christian perspective on homosexuality and sexual brokenness.

$350 - includes accommodations, community dinner, 4 days of one=on-one mentoring, two free books, follow up mentoring and pertinent resource materials

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Wading in the river

For men who desire one-on-one ministry, but can’t get away for a weekend, we offer online Skype and FaceTime mentoring. Sessions are generally one and two hours. This level of mentoring is based on your schedule and individual needs. We cover some of the same material and equipping exercises we do on our weekend Fishing Trips. We ask for an initial, two month commitment if you choose this mentoring option. We have found that it takes more than one or two sessions to get to the root and depth of our struggles. It is a financial commitment. We have found that when people invest their own money, they place a higher value on the product.

1 hour session = $65 2 hour session = $105 ($25 discount)